Log Furniture for Home

During the past few years the log furniture has gained a lot of popularity because of its strength, finish, and natural looks .

Bringing home the wooden furniture made of whole logs can be a dream come true for many people. If you are a nature lover, then it is just a good idea to bring home the beautiful natural furniture made of whole logs of furniture . The exclusivity of timber have been proved to have immaculate influence on our bodies and minds. Log furniture is considered to be a very good investment due to the durability it offers . The most outstanding attribute of log fittings is that very negligible amount of metal is used in them . People just love to have log beds in their bedrooms as the log beds can be compared with life without problems

Furniture made from raw wood fits any type of surroundings. The furniture made from whole logs of wood have a distinct finish due to uniqueness in the texture and patterns. Rustic furniture is another name for log furniture .

There are so many alternate stuffs available these days which are used for making furniture, however most of the people love to have wooden furniture adorn their habitats . Since time immemorial, wood has been the most preferred stuff for making furniture .

Classification of the species of lumber and their usage in making various types of furniture

Before going to select the type of furniture, we must be aware of the species of wood available for making furniture and their properties. There are three types of wood viz. soft, hard and very hard .

Softwood used for making log furniture generally comes from tress like red fir, pitch pine, dwarf juniper, black spruce, and cedar.

The wood from trees like acorns, mahogany, nuts, and apple is hard It is hard to make furniture from hardwood, but it is liked for its longevity and strength .

The very hard category of timber includes boxwood, lignum vitae, yew etc. .

Most of the manufacturers use hard wood for veneering the furniture to giving them the rich feel.

The time you make up your mind to replace your old beds with great log beds, your first task would be to start enquiring about the species of wood you need . You would definitely want to have the best option available and there are agencies out there which can help you take the decision so close to your heart.

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